3 Mistakes Car Owners Make When Locked Out of Their Car


Is it possible to open a car door even without a car key? Yes, it is possible in many cases. However, the statutory warning is, car owners shouldn’t try it on their own, when they do it, it tends to lead to some kind of damages.

You will get to find so many ways to open your car door, however, nothing beats the expertise of your local automotive locksmith in Texas.

Accidental locking oneself out can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you are on a timetable and when you need to be somewhere. Many often, we even get desperate and resort to one of the following methods to get back in. Unfortunately, these tricks often do not work, and these tricks are actually mistakes and can even lead to various douchey problems further down the line!

Mistake#1: DIY unlocking your car door and windows

If you have heard of the coat hanger technique, you have got some hairpins or paperclips on hand. Then, you are trying to open your car yourself, right, as you see it works so well in the movies? Unfortunately, using the coat hanger technique or metal rod can actually cause damage to your car. These techniques or DIY solutions may work with older car models.

Given the new, advanced locking systems in place, these techniques do not work. These days, doing so can turn the issues worse further, without getting you back into your car either, wasting your efforts.

Mistake #2: Using lock-picking solutions

Getting locked out of your car or even got your car keys stolen or losing your car key, you are perhaps tempted to try using lock-picking tools. However, many often people do not know how to use these lock-picking tools. It involves the risk of scratching or causing damage to your car lock in your mission to avoid calling a locked-out emergency car locksmith in Texas.

Mistake #3: Breaking the window

Even if your car key is inside your car and you are locked out of it, do not try to break your window and think that you will just get a new car window afterward. Breaking or smashing car windows comes with pretty killer problems such as the cost of getting your windows replaced, gathering all the tiny shards of glass left behind, etc.

Call a professional local car locksmith in Texas instead, you can get rid of the situation smoothly and quickly.

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