4 Crucial Reasons to Change Your Locks


If you want to change the locks on your property, you can either replace the entire hardware or rekey the existing locks. We’ve compiled 4 reasons why you want to change your locks.

You’ve purchased a new home

It’s exciting to buy a new home. You may be new to your house, but an unknown entity might not be. It’s impossible to know if you’ve received all the keys to a property or if there is still more floating around. Newly acquired properties should have their locks updated.

Tenants have vacated your property

Your rental property may have duplicate keys that you are unaware of unless you have used a restricted master key system. Changing the locks between tenants is a good idea. Using a restricted master key system might be an option you want to consider. Here’s more information about them.

A faulty or old lock

In case of broken or faulty hardware, new locks are necessary. Ineffective locks are as bad as none at all. Make sure your property’s locks are functioning properly every 6 – 12 months by checking them. As part of lock maintenance, it’s also a good idea to clean them and make sure they’re in good shape.

Your keys have been stolen or you were burgled

It is possible that your locks have been damaged or broken if you have been broken into them. It is also important to change locks after a burglary because stolen items might have contained keys. It may also compromise the security of your home if you’ve lost your keys. Consider rekeying the property rather than replacing the hardware.

If you are going through a breakup or divorce, changing your locks may also be a good idea.

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