4 most common situations where you might need an automotive locksmith


Although residential and commercial locksmiths are called out quite often, it is the automotive locksmiths who are the most in demand. On an average, around 17,000 people are locked out of their cars or their houses, out of which car lockouts are the most. There are a lot of reasons or situations where one would need an auto locksmith, let’s discuss the top 4 reasons.

Car Lockout

This is one of the most common reasons for calling an auto locksmith. People with busy schedules and urban lifestyles often get forgetful or lose keys in a hurry as a result of which many a times they are locked in or out of the car. A lot of times this can be a dangerous and even life threatening situation if your kid or pet is locked inside. It is very human to get panicked in such a situation and the best solution is to call an auto locksmith immediately.

Damaged door locks

The door locks of you car may get damaged due to a lot of reasons. They can either wear and tear over time, or get damaged due to an attempted break in. You can also get damaged due to an accident. Damaged door locks can be potentially dangerous. The car is now vulnerable to any theft or you your keys may not work on them suddenly when you need them the most. They also might not work with the key fob. It is best to call an auto locksmith who can quickly replace the damaged locks so you can get on with your life.

Cutting a new key

Almost all car now a days are commuter based, and the ignition keys have chips called transponders which communicates with the computer ensuring only the authorized key can be used to start the engine. This prevents any burglar to attempt hot-wiring the car or using an unprogrammed key. However this gets problematic when you lose the one and only key as you will not be ablate use any other key unless you get it programmed to communicate with the computer. An automotive locksmith can help in such situations.

Remote fob programming

Key fobs are great since they add convenience to our lives. You can easily lock or unlock your car even from a distance without using the actual keys. However, when the fob’s battery dies out over repeated usage, you will have to reprogram it after you replace the battery. Also, in case if you lose your fob, you will have to program the replacement.

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