5 locksmith tips to make your house more secure and your life easier


A safe and secure house for you and your loved ones is always a top priority. We are in constant quest of ways to make our house more secure. Whether be it your house or your car, you would always want to avoid a possible situation of break-in or lockout.  Well, here are the top locksmith tips and tricks to help you accomplish that.

Know which locks to use for entry doors

If you are living in an old property or your house has obsolete security systems, this is the time you go for an upgrade. Having door knob locks for the main entry door is the absolute wrong choice in terms of security and it will be no surprise if you come back after a weekend vacation to see your house has been robbed. Ensure that you have an added layer or security for main entry doors and garage doors. Deadbolt locks are the best and most popular choice for exterior doors. Contact your residential locksmith and consult with him on which lock will be the best for your house.

The door quality matters

If your entry door is made of cheap materials, it is a good idea to either replace the door with one made of a strong material or add an extra steel door to make it difficult to bypass that. Cheap wood or fake wood doors are very easy to break with a blunt force like a kick, hence you need to make sure it is very difficult for burglars to get into through the front door.

Consider rekeying or changing locks if you move into a new house

Whether you rented a new house or purchased a previously owned one, the first thing you should do is rekey or change your entry locks. You can never know how many people have access to the current lock, it will be foolish to go along with it.

Know where to hide the spare key

Hiding the house spare key at the most obvious locations like under the welcome door mat or under the flower pot beside the door or a fake rock is a strict no no. If these places are very convenient for you, it wink be the same for the burglars as well. It is best to keep the key at a trusted friend’s or neighbor’s place, under the dog house if you have one or a fake sprinkler. You can also keep it attached to the bottom of your car in a magnetic metallic box so it is always with you.

Mobile locksmith over car dealerships

If you are in a situation where your transponder keys fail or there is damage to the ignition, it is not a good idea to take the vehicle to a local mechanic’s shop or dealership. You can easily call a professional emergency locksmith in your area and and he will come to your location and replace your keys, program your fobs, repair your ignition, all on the site. This will be faster, more effective and a lot more affordable.

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