5 situations where you must call an emergency locksmith


Your house got robbed and you panicking on what to do next? Well the first step is the most obvious one, calling 911. But what do you do after that? Call an emergency locksmith. An emergency locksmiths can be at your service at any time of the day or night, even at weekends, hence also known as 24-hour locksmiths. There are a lot of situations where the best possible way to get out of it is to call an emergency locksmith. Let us discuss the top 5 situations.

Lost your keys

You enjoyed a great trip with your family over the weekend. You come back thinking of taking a nice bath and relaxing in your bed. You reach the front door and reach out to your pocket for the keys but do not find there. You look for all possible places where you might have kept it, but in vain. You come to the realization that you have lost the keys. This is obviously a frustrating situation. The only person who can help you in a jiffy is an emergency locksmith.

Someone broke into your house

If you find signs of forced attempt of breaking in into the house on the front door, side door, back door or garage door, it is a good idea to call an emergency locksmith. You do not know who tried to force in into the house and whether they were successful. So it will be a smart move to change your locks or get them rekeyed. Whether it is your house or your business, if you ever see any signs of forced break-in, call an emergency locksmith right away.

You are locked in or out of your car

You are getting ready for for your office on a Monday morning, revising the points you will make on an important client meeting. You get dressed in your best formal suit and get out of the house to reach your car. You reach for your car keys in the pocket but they are not there. You go back to the house thinking you left them there. You search all possible places but nowhere can it be seen. You reach back to the car and peep inside, there they are, lying on the floor. You suddenly remember you went partying last night and you left them inside while getting out. What a disaster! An emergency locksmith can be of real help in a car lockout situation as they can reach to your location in less than 30 minutes and open your car for you. You are a little late for the meeting but its better than absence right?

Your door lock broke

Door, specially front door and back doors are used quite a number of times throughout the day and it is possible that the locks wear out over time. One day you can find yourself in a situation where the lock is not working anymore. You put all your strength is twisting the key, it twisted but with a click. Well you broke the lock. This is a very common situation in older properties. This situation also calls for an emergency locksmith since you would need to replace the locks on immediate basis for your and your family’s safety.

Your key breaks into the lock

This is also a situation when your locks get old or there is some junk in the keyway and you still force the key into the lock. This can also happen if the key has worn out over time. You try hard to extract the key but in vain. You have no option left but to call an emergency locksmith.

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