Car Lockouts: How to Avoid Them


When you’re locked outside of your car, you may experience some extreme stress and inconvenience. Not to mention that it’s a risk to your personal safety. As provided by our automotive lockout experts here at Carkeys Guru, here are some tips to help you never get locked out of your car again.

Make sure you lock your car with your key fob

Instead of manually clicking the locks before leaving your vehicle, use your key fob to lock it. You can keep your keys secure that way, rather than potentially losing them inside your vehicle. Before you step outside your car, always check that your keys are in hand.

Make sure the key fob is powered

In many cases, car lockouts can result from key fobs that are damaged or depleted of batteries. Keep spare batteries on hand in case you need to replace your key fob batteries every three months or so. You can easily find these keys at any automotive part store. If this is the case, you need to replace your car’s battery, or perhaps jump-start the car. You can try your manual key in the lock to verify whether it’s a dead battery causing the lockout.

Make use of smart technology

You can track missing items using special apps and devices. It’s easier than ever for people to locate their discarded car keys when they are lost or misplaced thanks to special keyrings that can be easily attached to their keys. Many of these smart tools come with beepers or alarms that enable you to find lost keys using sound.

Considering storage options

Keep your keys in a designated place at home and in your pocket – don’t just leave them anywhere. Make sure that you keep them in only a single area of your pocket or purse at home, and that you put them in a special case, box, or hook. Next to your phone is a good place to place your keys. Additionally, you may want to consider attaching your keys to a large, bulky key chain, which will be more difficult to lose if dropped or pulled out of your pocket.

Copies of car keys

Auto lockouts can be avoided by having spare car keys on hand. It is best to contact a skilled and trustworthy automotive locksmith in Houston who can duplicate even the most modern transponder keys for your car – a good locksmith shouldn’t have any trouble with that. Whenever you need your spare keys, keep them in a place where you can easily find them if you need them.

We at CarkeysGuru have comprehensive knowledge about everything car-related. No matter what make or model your car is, we know how to get you back in. No matter how stuck your ignition key is, we can remove it quickly and easily. We can do all this without damaging your car. We can either program or clone a transponder key for you if you need one. We have the devices to do this. As a professional 24/7 auto locksmith in Houston, our job is to make sure you’re on the road again, quickly, and without going bust.

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