If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to keep track of your vehicle, car tracking devices can be very helpful. Learn more about car tracking devices. Read on:

A car is a heavy investment that requires comprehensive security features. Some people install a car alarm system, others adopt the keyless entry system but the most effective way of securing your car is through car tracking device installation. A car tracker is a gadget that operates under GPS and is installed in a hidden place inside your car. The gadget helps you track the actual directions taken by your car and through the GPS, you are able to locate a lost car. At Locksmiths Pros, we are specialists when it comes to car tracker installation.

Some of our other tracking services include:

  • Car tracking device installation
  • Car tracking services
  • Electronic cargo system
  • Transport management system
  • Fleet management services

We offer all the above services at subsidized rates and ensure your car’s security is beefed up.


car tracking deviceCar Tracker Installation

A car tracker is a piece of sophisticated equipment that requires professionals to do the installation. Locksmiths Pros works with the best car tracking experts to ensure the car tracker installation is done effectively. We combine our technological acumen and man expertise to ensure we provide a real-time car tracking mechanisms once you install our car tracker. More to securing the car, a GPS tracker is also important in monitoring the speed, fuel consumption, and poor driver behaviors. Our auto locksmith team is here to assist you with all your car tracker installation needs.

Key Features of Installing Our Car Trackers

  • Real-time identification of your car`s speed, location, and engine performance.
  • Detailed reporting in case you need management information.’
  • Instant alerts to your mobile apps
  • Easy to navigate application and software.


After installing the car tracker, we also offer tracking services to our clients. We have adopted easy to use software and mobile applications to help you know the whereabouts of your car. Our applications and software are updated every day to ensure they meet proper security standards. If your situation gets out of hand, for instance, your car is lost, we bring in our experts to help you track the vehicle through our advanced technologies.


For business owners operating fleets of cars, our car tracking is also very useful in such instances. The tracker is synchronized with software that allows you to view your fleet activity and receive instant reports through SMS or Emails. Some of our fleet management services include:


The system is used for driver management purposes and to ensure the vehicle only carries the authorized passengers. The system operates under important hardware like RFID reader, Unit, and MPTRX. The driver is only able to start the car after swiping the card and the driver is recognized. The driver management system allows you to manage your car appropriately and monitor its performance.


  • Real-time analysis of the driver`s performance.
  • The automatic alert system in case the driver violates rules.
  • Accurate driver performance analysis.


The main function of this system is to detect any fuel siphoning from your vehicle. A fuel rod is mounted in your fuel tank and has calibrations against the fuel amount in the tank, and the data transmits into the tracking server at intervals. This system is very important for measuring, maintaining and controlling your vehicle`s consumption.


  • Accurate fuel data capturing
  • Instant alerts in case of a sudden drop in fuel level.
  • Detailed analysis of fuel efficiency.


Another responsibility we do over car trackers is the fleet monitoring services. The feature allows one to set the number of miles you need your car to travel and once exceeded, you get a real-time notification. This is important in curbing security threats and eliminate unnecessary distance coverage.


  • 24-hour emergency operation- We have put in place an active customer service department that is important in answering your car tracking question every day including the public holidays. In case you need one of our services, don’t hesitate to call us even at night and we will be on the site in less than 30 minutes. We have distributed our personnel in all metropolitan states to ensure easy customer accessibility. Give us a call today and we will be more than pleased to service your car.
  • Well trained personnel- We hire the best in the industry in terms of academic qualification and experience. We ensure all our workers are certified and have working insurance plans for our customer satisfaction. We also conduct annual training workshops to help refresh our professional’s experience in handling the upcoming technology.
  • High tech equipment- We have invested in quality machinery to ensure quality car tracking device installation. For the software development department, we make sure we have top-notch computers and high-speed internet to ease the networking of our developers and allow for real-time tracking of your motor vehicle.
  • Affordable rates- We offer very competitive rates to all our clients regardless of the complexity of the task at hand. We also provide our workers with stamped receipts to enhance customer`s trust in case you hire them in the field.

For quality car tracking device installation services, we are the team to turn to, your car’s security is our business.