Keys are just keys, right? Isn’t a car key just a bigger version of your house key? For most of us, this is a pretty normal thought to have. We do not think much about how key works, just that it does. However, many cars these days have sophisticated keys to ensure that someone cannot just stick a screwdriver into your ignition and drive off or somehow just pick your lock through some other channel.

Today, car keys have advanced security to features to ensure that this does not happen. Among the most notable is the transponder key, which is one of the main reasons you cannot just go to any old store and get a new copy of your car key. Replacing a transponder key is a bit more expensive, however, the added security makes it well worth the price as a car with transponder chip keys tends to be among the least stolen vehicles.


This is not a word that is used too frequently. The only thing that might come to mind is your garage door. The remote to your garage sends a specific signal to a receptor that then opens or closes the door. The reason you cannot just point your garage opener at any garage door and expect it to open is that each receptor is unique.

A key transponder works in a very similar way except in this case the signal is sent from a computer chip inside the key to your car’s ignition. Even if someone has managed to fabricate an exact copy of your key, the car will not start because it has not received the corresponding signal.

A good sign that your car uses this system is that there is a large piece of plastic on the end of your key. This piece of plastic houses the microchip. It is important to note that this is not the same thing as your keyless entry system if your car has been to be equipped with one.

These features work on two different systems, the ignition and lock respectively, and thus it has possible for one to function and not the other (though many automobiles today use switchblade keys where all off this is packed into one bundle). There are a few reasons why you might want our services for your transponder key including:

  • Repair
  • Reprogramming
  • Replacement
  • Duplication


If your transponder is not working properly what we can do is either attempt to repair the key or create a new one for you. Be sure to hold onto your old key as even a malfunctioning transponder can help us to create a new one for you. This will save you time and money.

Even if your key is lost, it is no problem. We program a new transponder and cut a new key on the spot as our technicians travel around with a multitude of tools needed to get the job done. No matter what car you drive, we can make you a new key.


Unlike standard keys, the added layer of security of transponder keys makes them more difficult to duplicate. A transponder is basically like a mini computer so we do is a form of On-Board Programming where we link into your car’s electrical system to ascertain how to find the correct signal for your car though we need an existing key to be able to do this.

Another effective method is syncing the old key with the new car key. Essentially we can use the old signal to quickly create for you a new, working key. This is particularly helpful if you have only damaged the key component and not the transponder.

Not only this but if you are worried that your old key has been stolen then we can create a new signal so that only the new car key replacement works and not the old. Either way, we have the tools to get you back on the road.


Most people are aware of the fact that car dealerships are a total rip-off. In fact, most of the money that they make happens to be on servicing their vehicles, not on the actual sales. Not only this, but they tend to be quite busy and require you to have an appointment in advance. If you cannot start your car, this can be quite a problem.

Furthermore, towing your car to a mechanic or the dealer is another expensive proposition. On average, a tow truck can cost between seventy-five and one hundred and thirty dollars and may take a long time to arrive. In addition, it is hard to escape either a mechanic or dealership with just the one service that you want as they often have a way of finding problems that were not there before.

This is why you should call us as we not only provide roadside assistance but are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Dealerships and mechanics close, but we can meet you anytime and anywhere.


If your transponder key is lost or broken, we can help you fix it quickly and affordable. So do not get stuck waiting at the mechanic and spending hundreds of dollars when we can help you today.

Give us a call and get back on the road now!