Changing Locks for New Homes in Austin, Texas


When you have purchased a house, it comes with joys and hope as you have a new place to call home. Having the keys to the dwelling is the ultimate mark of ownership because you can begin with moving your stuff in and renovating as you please.

But just because you were given a set of keys does not guarantee you are the only one with access to your residence. In order to guarantee peace of mind and security, contact a locksmith and get your locks replaced. You have a number of things to do in your new house, which is why you need to have this done as soon as possible.

As you have purchased the house from an owner, you may not be sure that there is only one set of keys. There could be many spare keys that were made by the previous homeowners and who they were given to. Their family, friends, and neighbours could be able to unlock your doors and you do not know them and cannot trust them. That said, your security is left compromised.

In order to eliminate the threat of strangers who can get into your home, get new locks for all of the doors for the property. It includes the front door, back door, side door, and garage door. Also change the combination for the remotes to electronic garage door openers too. Get the locks of your new home changed or at least rekeyed.

With rekeying, the master pins will be removed in order that no one else can enter your residence. For rekeying, a professional locksmith will take out the springs and pins in the lock cylinder and then new springs and pins will be installed. It means only a new key that is entirely different will work while obsoleting the old keys.

Rekeying is a better option than completely changing the locks that you can consider if the locks are still functional.

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