Do you have a new house to close on? Don’t forget to replace the locks


The thrill of signing closing papers on a new home is unsurpassed. As you eagerly await the close of your new home, there’s one thing you can’t forget to do on your list: changing the locks.

Almost certainly, you can’t know how many copies of the keys the previous owner made and how many may still remain in the wild. Changing the locks is therefore crucial. With the help of professional locksmith services in Houston, you can get the job done securely and quickly while you get to other tasks on your list.

The Right Time to Change Locks

The locks should be changed or rekeyed whenever security or safety is at risk. Changing locks is usually necessary in the following situations:

  • When you’ve bought a new house.
  • If you have been burglarized.
  • When you own a vacation rental.
  • When a tenant moves out.
  • Lost or stolen keys.
  • Employees who have been terminated for dissatisfaction.
  • An acrimonious divorce can be challenging.
  • When the lock is damaged.
  • When a new building owner wishes to limit or inhibit old key holders’ access.
  • Especially in retail and business spaces where duplicate keys exchange frequently, locks need to be changed when they haven’t been changed for years.

Plan for Lock Replacement in Houston on Your New House

A locksmith should be consulted before changing locks at a new or newly acquired home.

Schedule the Lock Replacement in Houston in Advance

It’s a good idea to schedule a lock change appointment in advance to save time and money. Before switching out the locks, the locksmith can cut new keys at the shop and prepare the new locks. A lock and key preparation in the shop is often quicker and more inexpensive than an on-site job.

Take a day off after closing

We at Carkeys Guru recommend waiting a day after closing to schedule a door lock change for new homeowners if they desire immediate service. Our customers often drag out closings when issues arise, even though we hope they have smooth closings. A locksmith service should be scheduled a day after closing to ensure that the deal is final.

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