Easy steps to secure your new house


You recently moved in to a new house and you are much excited about decorating the house and its interiors. However, securing your house is more essential, taking into account a burglar strikes a house every 26 seconds. Even though it might not be as fun as decorating the house, it should be your first priority. Here are a few easy steps to strengthen your house security so you can get back to your décor quickly.

Secure the doors

Make sure all the outside doors like front doors, back doors etc. have strong frames, the hinges are protected and check if the door has a mail slot from where someone can reach out to the door lock. If you are moving to a house which has been used by some other family, make sure to change all the locks. Few things which you can do to boost your door security are installing a deadbolt, adding a strike plate, installing smart locks and adding a video doorbell.

Lock the windows

Doors and windows are easy entry points for burglars and you should make sure they are secure enough. The window latches which are provided by the manufacturers are not effective enough, so you should increase the security with locks or key-operated levers. You can also add window bars, reinforce glass with window security film, install glass break sensors and plat prickly bushes under the first floor windows.

Keep the landscape lighted

It is very obvious that criminals do not like to be spotted and hence are in search of dark, damp areas where they can get easily and do their deed. Keep ample amount of outdoor lighting to them at bay. Place lights around your frond and back yards, in the pathway and near the garage. This can also be a part of your house decoration as you can be as creative with the lights as you want. You can use motion-activated lights solar-powered lights and led lights that work on timer.

Garage is not something to be missed

This is also an entry point to your house and since they are often neglected, has become one of the popular entrances for burglars. A lot of people like to store antiques and other stuff into the garage which do not find a place in the house. These things are valuable enough and even if the burglar cannot get access to your house from the garage, stealing those valuable is also a loss for you. Upgrade to smart garage door opener, cover the windows to hide the stuff inside, use home automation and secure the garage door with extra set of locks.

Set up a tight security system

Whether be it DIY home security or a one professionally installed, you should have some form of home security system. To choose a system, you should evaluate your neighborhood and contact the local police to get the crime statistics of your locality. While getting a home security system, check for the customer service and brand reputation of the professional locksmith company who is helping you install the system. You can also get extras like smoke and CO monitoring.

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