Removing the key out of your car ignition must be second nature to you. It should be something you never give a second thought to. So, what happens when the key gets stuck and refuses to come out? If your keys are stuck in the ignition, you may be using a bad copy, or your key has been damaged another way.

Therefore, it’s essential that you contact a professional mobile car locksmith service such as LockSmithsPros and allow our experts to provide you with a time-saving car key extraction and replacement service that will have you quickly back on your way.  

We offer a 24/7 emergency service because we know that when your key breaks in the ignition or is stuck in the door lock, you can’t just wait around until the next day or after the holidays. You want a solution, and you want it now. We are here to oblige.



We only work with highly skilled experienced experts who can provide you with a quick solution to your car key problem at any time of the day and on any day of the year. We dispatch a mobile team in your area to your location to help you, relying on some of the latest locksmith kits and equipment that not only expedite the process but make sure your ignition or lock will remain undamaged, and therefore saving you a lot of trouble down the road as well.

When you place your call to our call center, our professionals will quickly ask you about your vehicle make and possibly other handy information such as your access to your Vehicle Identity Number (VIN). If you are not sure, don’t worry, our expert locksmiths are equipped with the skill set to figure out any car lock and key situation as they familiarize themselves with your problem as soon as they arrive at your location.

Almost at the same time you call, the nearest qualified locksmith expert will be dispatched to your location. We rely on “near me” locksmiths to provide you with the quickest turnaround and expert service.


Within an hour of having placed that first call, you should be well on your way, and your ignition key troubles will soon be a distant past memory. What is important is for you not to try and force the key out of your door lock or ignition after you have called us and even before that. That is the surest way we can guarantee a quick turnaround and helping you to remove your key from your ignition and cut you a new laser cut set of keys.

Locksmithing is a complex trade as you need to understand how the ignition or car door locks work. Either way, our experts are able to sort out any issue within half an hour. To get to you, you may need to allow for additional 20 minutes, but the good news is there are no extra charges to you nor should you worry what time of the day you call as we offer a 24-hour service.


Keys get stuck in the door lock or ignition for many different reasons. You may have previously paid for a car key replacement or got a cheap copy of your key made. While these options may seem reasonable and economical on the occasion, you must realize that an item that is used repeatedly as car keys must meet specific standards of quality.

Therefore, we only advise you to procure the best laser cut keys if you intend to clone or duplicate your car keys. For example, LockSmithsPros will always use the latest laser car key cutting techniques, and we will do it right there on the spot for you.  If you need a car key replacement you will need your VIN number and proof of vehicle ownership. 

When you type in or ask mobile your voice assistant to look for a professional locksmith “near me,” you will be happy to know that we come with the whole package. Of course, there are other reasons why your car key might have got stuck as well, such as during an accident or through applying excess force.

Also, over time, the cylinder or lock gets damage so the key might be stuck because you are in the habit of giving your door a slightly stronger push than it needs or because you sometimes ram the key right into the ignition a little too carelessly. 

Either way, when our locksmiths arrive at your location to help out, they will be able to offer expert advice and help and advise you against repeating the same mistakes. 



Yes, our experts are able to cut a key for you using laser techniques that will not only provide you with a quality key but one that is bound to last in the future. You will need to give us your vehicle identification number and of course, your make and model of vehicle we are able to download from your unique car key configuration directly into our key cutting machine, ensuring a perfect laser-guided key cut. 

If you want to save yourself some trouble in the future, such as to get insurance against losing your keys, you can similarly order a spare set of keys while ordering the emergency car extraction service. After all, why not address two problems at the same time without the need to worry about your key getting lost in the future.  It’s always much easier to clone or duplicate a key than to replace a key when no existing key is available. 


Yes, LockSmithsPros runs an array of services for your car, home and business when it comes to locksmithing. You can always find us by typing in “car locksmiths near me” or simply bookmarking our website and save our nationwide toll-free phone number and looking it up later when you need a specific car, home or business locksmith service rendered. 

Emergency car key extraction is just one of the many services we offer.