Did you lose or misplace the keys to your apartment or house? Do you suspect someone has stolen them? Are you dealing with a broken or jammed lock issue preventing you from entering your home? Give us a call at (888) 649-4142 now, or at all hours of the day, no matter where you are located.  Our experts will reach you in less than half an hour.

The most popular home lockout services we are asked to do:

  • 24/7 house lockouts for all types of locks
  • single and double cylinder lock picking
  • pin tumbler lock picking
  • keypad and electronic lock picking
  • lock and key replacement solutions after lockout
  • jammed key removal
  • duplicate key cutting


Do not stress out and lose your calm. Getting anxious about being locked out of the house could mean doing something you will regret later, such as picking up a brick and breaking a ground-floor window in a desperate attempt to get in as soon as possible. Plus, losing your temper and clear thinking could cause you to skip a few important steps, such as making sure there are no windows or doors that might have been left open or unlocked.

You should also not forget to call your neighbors, partners, roommates, landlord or building manager and retrieve a spare key from them. Depending on the particularities of your situation and the time of the day that you are at, this solution may not always be viable. Do not be tempted to try to use a pair of bobby pins, a coat hanger or a plastic card and try a Hollywoodian home break-in attempt. Keep in mind the movies make it all seem a lot easier than it truly is and the slightest wrong move could lead to a broken lock problem you will also have to deal with. Unless you are a professional locksmith yourself and you pick locks for a living, you should stay away from any personal attempts to unlock your own front door and instead hire a locksmith for home lockout problems.

You should also never try to remove the doorknob yourself while trying to reach hidden slots and mounting screws. Leave it to one of our highly trained locksmiths that can reach you in no time and provide you with the professional house lockout assistance you deserve!


We are proud to say that have set up powerful and accessible mobile crews and dispersed them all over the US, across big cities and small neighborhoods. This means we have the logistics and manpower needed to get to any address in 20 to 30 minutes from calling customer support. We are not only quick to teach your place, but we are also very prompt at picking up your calls thanks to our 24/7 customer support services and skilled and tireless representatives. The quicker you will dial our number, the sooner we can send over the nearest certified locksmith who will immediately start working at your problem.


Our technicians can rely on one of several methods of opening a locked door and many of them will ask them to work with the door lock itself. These methods can be destructive and non-destructive. For starters, know that our technicians never or rarely use a drill or force in order to pick a lock, usually when it is absolutely necessary and none of their regular non-destructive entry practices can be used effectively. The rest of the time, they work with the latest lock picking tools to quickly and accurately restore access to your home while avoiding any unnecessary damage.

We will either pick the lock using a hand pick or an electric pick gun, special lock bypassing methods, decoders for mortice locks, letterbox tools and other expert tools that enable us to easily get access to the lock and manipulate it in a number of ways, in accordance with the problem.

Most American homes use pin-tumbler locks that can be easily picked with simple picking tools, which means our locksmiths should be able to open your home door in no more than a few minutes. Tension wrenches are some of the most popular tools we work with. Our locksmiths know how to apply just the right amount of pressure on the lock’s cylinder and, together with the right lock picking tools, they will the of pins upwards position until they will all reach the shear line level. Accordingly, the cylinder will start to turn and bind the pins, causing the door to open.

Lock bumping is another technique our expert locksmiths can use to open a door when the key is missing. The method involves inserting a key in the lock’s keyway, just one pin away from the key being totally placed inside. Bump keys have special anatomy that enables the teeth to exert little pressure on the pins placed at the bottom. It is advisable that only professional locksmiths handle the lock bumping procedure for safety reasons.

The Locksmiths Pros team is also an expert when it comes to picking single and double cylinder locks or lockable thumb turn locks. If you are locked out of home in the middle of the night and you need an immediate, affordable and damage-free solution, dial our number. We will make full use of our plug spinners, electric lock pick sets or cylinder crackers.


The majority of keypad and electronic locks can be easily manipulated by trained locksmiths, even if they use tokens such as digital locks that do not require any physical key. Since most of them are used together with regular deadbolt locks, these can be picked the same way that a deadbolt can be picked. Some type of hacking may, however, be necessary in order to bypass the software or the physical bolt. Keep in mind all doors that do not use physical keys can still be opened without the right key, since they are still locks. It is, however, important to only rely on authorized and experienced lockout near me technicians who can choose the safest and most efficient practices for it.


Absolutely! The Locksmiths Pros team can replace the pins inside the old lock on the spot and make it fit a brand new set of keys at an affordable price and with no extra hassle.

Call (888) 649-4142 now and we will immediately send over the closest locked my keys in the house expert to assist you on the spot!