Getting a commercial safe for your business? Know what to look for


You have a running business   with your own office and employees working for you. You have installed tight security systems to protect your business from theft, vandalism and other natural disasters like a fire break out. However, one thing you missed out is investing in a good commercial safe to protect important business documents and other sensitive items. Commercial safes are often overlooked by most businesses thinking the usual file cabinets and storage systems with locks will make do. However in case of a theft or a bigger issue like fire breakout, regular storages cannot withstand high amount of force thus resulting in damage of things kept inside.

A commercial safe is a must for businesses who want to secure legal documents and other important items. However, there are a few factors to lookout for, before you invest in a commercial safe.

Types of commercial safes

When going for a safe for commercial purposes, you should always consider one with a UL rating, also called Underwriter’s Laboratory rating. UL is considered as the governing body for commercial and residential safe security ratings. UL rating is divided into two major types, Burglary safety and Fire safety. B rating or Burglary safety rating is recommended for residential use for storing less valuable items.

Other ratings include C, TL-15, TL-30 and TL-60X6 rate. The TL-60X6 is the highest rating given to commercial safes as they are the strongest to break in. You will have to enter through all six sides of the safe before you can break-in. TL-30 is another heavy duty safe as it can take unto 30 minutes with heavy equipment to break the safe. Contact a trusted commercial locksmith in Texas to know which type of safe will be most suitable for your business.

The Fire rating

This in another factor you should weigh in before choosing a commercial safe. This rating evaluates a safe’s ability to protect stored items from fire and heat damage. The fire ratings for most safes are given on the basis of time it can withstand the fire. The ratings given are 1/2 hour rating, 1-hour rating and 2-hour rating. 1/2 hour rated safe can protect the contents for half an hour for a fire at up to 1500 degrees F whereas a 2-hour rated safe can resist fire and heat for 2 hours.

Best commercial locksmith services in Texas

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