Home security tips to make summers more enjoyable


Summers are great time to have a small getaway trip or a long vacation with your family. However, some part of you is always left behind, thinking of your house security, as you leave it behind. If you are planning for a trip with your family soon, but are also concerned about your house security, this article is for you. Here are some tips and tricks to help you tighten your home security while you enjoy with your family without having to worry about your house.

Check your mailbox

An overfilled mailbox is one of the first indicators of any empty house. If you are heading off, it is best to ask one of your neighbors to collect the mails for you or put the mails on hold by requesting the post office. This will ensure that the mails do not pile up over the holidays and your house does not become a potential victim to burglary or crime.

Keep your place well lit up

Now a days you can easily get timers to set your lights, TV and other electronic appliances to turn on and off at regular intervals making it feel like somebody is at the house. If your curtains are drawn all day and there are no lights at night, the burglars will make it their first target as it will clearly indicate the house is empty.

Keep the yard tidy

Your yard is easily accessible by anyone who can leap the fence or wall. Make sure yo ump not leave any valuable like bikes or tools outside. Lock bikes in the shed or garage and have a good lock on the garage door. A burglary can happen simply because of ease of access. The harder you make for someone, the less are the chances that your belongings will be safe.

Ask your friend to drop by

If you have already asked your friend or your neighbor to check in your mails or water your plants, also request him to take out the bins. If someone is entering and leaving the property at random times, it will make the burglars less suspicious of no one is around.

Hide any packages

If had thrown a party recently and you haven’t emptied your bins yet, make sure you do not leave any packages lying around. Make sure any valuable items you receives as gifts are out of sight.

Check the security

Do all of your locks work? Before you leave your house, it is a good idea to ensure that all your doors’ and windows’ locks are working properly. If you have sensor lights, security cameras and other security devices installed at your house, make sure everything is in working condition.

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