How do you know it is the right time to replace door locks


Your front door is the first line of defense for your property against burglars. You have invested in the best quality doors and the most secure locks thinking this is the last time you would have to invest in door locks. Is that true however? There are a lot of reasons why it is in the best of your interest to change the front door locks. How would you know what is the best time to replace your door locks? Let us look into the top 5 reasons to replace the front door locks.

Someone moved out

If you are sharing your room with someone and the roommate moves out, or if your tenant or your ex-partner moves out, you should replace the locks immediately once they have completely moved out with their belongings. Even though the person who moves out will hand over the key, there is no guarantee that a copy has not been made. The more people have the access to the spare key, the more there are chances of break-in.

Wear and Tear

Every thing has a shelf life and so does the locks. Over a period of time, with continuous usage, the locks get worn out and become weak due to which they can no longer perform as expected. This means that the lock can easily break and make your house vulnerable to attacks. You can clearly notice signs of your lock wearing out like rusting, key not turning properly etc. It is advised that you call a professional locksmith and get your locks changed.

Key stolen or lost

It is very instinctual that you would replace your house locks immediately ice your key is stolen. If you are someone who is more forgetful and loses their key often, it is advisable that you invest in smart locks which eliminates the need of using a physical key to lock and unlock the door and instead uses a pin code for the same.

Moving into a new house

Whether you are moving into a brand new house or a previously owned house, it is in your best interests to change the locks as soon as you get the keys to the new house. You cannot be sure of how many people have got hand over that key, from the dealer to the property manager or the previous owner and people related to them. It is strongly advised that you get your locks replaced immediately so you no longer have to think if anyone else has access to the spare key.

Your house got robbed recently

Getting robbed takes a toll on you and your family, both emotionally and financially. However, in order to prevent any further break-ins, you should change the locks immediately and even think about upgrading from your current lock mechanism. If a burglar was able to crack open the lock this time, it would not be difficult to do it the next time, and most burglars like to revisit their targets as they believe in “once successful, always successful” philosophy.

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