In our lives, we face several issues where we find ourselves desperate and stranded. One such common situation that can exasperate a person is when a home lockout occurs.

If you get stuck in such an unfortunate incident, don’t panic but rather find ways to deal with it. If you have left a spare set of keys with your neighbors or friends, ask them to bring the key. If this doesn’t work, you can examine the ground-floor windows to see if you can use them to enter the house.

If nothing works, get in touch with a professional locksmith, such as We are a team of expert locksmiths that can help you quickly get out of a lockout.


Stepping out of your front door and finding that the door locked behind you is the most common reason for home lockouts. In addition, there are several reasons you might find yourself outside your house with the front door locked. Some of the common reasons are a faulty alarm system, lost or stolen keys, damaged locks or keys, crooked keys, and frosted door locks.

All of these conditions need professional help from expert locksmiths that are fully trained and equipped with needed tools to fix such issues right on the spot. If you have lost the keys, we will cut a new set of keys even if you don’t have the original set.

If the alarm system is found to be damaged, we can work to repair it or replace it with a better alternative. If there is rust in your lock and keys, we will either clean them thoroughly or get them replaced after checking their condition.

If the lock and key system have become faulty because of frost, we can repair and lubricate it thoroughly so that it remains in perfect working condition throughout winter.

Regardless of the cause of your lockout situation, the best solution is to get in touch with us. We will reach your house within half an hour and do the necessary in the quickest way possible to help you get inside your house in no time.


It is important that you practice ways to avoid getting locked out of your house. There are several things that you can do to prevent such incidents.

1. Check Your Keys Before Stepping Out

Make a habit of checking your keys whenever you are going out. You can check if you have keys once again before locking the door behind you. Once you are alert, you will never get stuck in such a situation as a lockout.

2. Buy a Simple Lock and Pick Tool

You will find simple lock pick tools in your local hardware store that can be used by common people. Get this set of tools and learn how to operate it; however, make sure that it is legal to carry these tools with you in your state. If it is not, it is safe to get in touch with a professional locksmith to get the job done for you.

3. Carry a Duplicate Set of Keys

Having an extra set of keys will help you get inside of your house with ease. However, make sure that you don’t hide it in obvious places outside of your home such as your shoe rack, under the doormat or in a flowerpot or somewhere in your garden. You can store the key in a place where intruders are unable to find it such as your wallet or your phone cover.

Alternatively, you can also store your spare key in a metal box that is designed exclusively for this purpose. This box remains locked with a combination code and you can, therefore, keep your keys safe and secure.

  • Consider Installing a Keyless Lock: An effective solution to avoid getting locked out of your house is to have a keyless lock installed on your front door. This is an advanced lock system that requires you to enter a code. Since it does not need a key to be unlocked, you don’t have to worry about misplacing, hiding your keys or carrying a spare set of keys with you. However, it is crucial that you keep the code with you and give access only to your family members so that nobody can misuse it.
  • Keep Your Locks in Good Working Condition: Most of the causes of home lockouts are a faulty lock and key system. It is therefore vital that you get your lock and keys examined on a regular basis for rust, damage and faulty mechanisms. A lock that has damaged machinery will impair your keys.

If you feel your lock system has gotten old, damaged, or faulty, consult our locksmiths and have them examine the lock and key system of your home. We will reach your house and thoroughly survey your surroundings and the locks of every door and window to find out if any of the locks need a repair or replacement.

Home lockouts are a very common situation, so make sure that you have saved our contact in your mobile so that you don’t waste your time searching for locksmiths when you are stuck in a lockout or other such situations where you need help from a professional locksmith.

Don’t become restless. If you need any assistance regarding home lockout or any security issues, call today. We are reliable, trustworthy and affordable!