In a car lockout? Get help from emergency auto locksmith


You are enjoying a nice dinner evening with your partner in a fancy restaurant. After the meal, you get back to your car and suddenly realize you locked the keys inside the car. Embarrassing right? Well, this is the reason you should always have a locksmith’s number on your speed dial.

Whether you lost your car keys, or the key fob isn’t working, a locksmith is a savior in these kind of situations. He can easily unlock your car without doing any permanent damage. Let us understand some of advantages of calling a locksmith in these situations.

Why a locksmith?

  • No damage to the car: If you are locked out of your car, you can try to unlock it yourself but there is a risk of damage to the car doors or locks. You can also pull off the Matrix style by breaking the window to get in, but again you make a mess of broken glass inside the car with an additional expense of window replacement.
  • Less charges than of dealership: A locksmith will charge much less for car key services than if you choose to go with the dealership service.
  • Don’t keep them waiting for long: Whether your loved ones are waiting for you at home or with you to get inside the car, a locksmith will get it done on spot in no time.

So now that we know a locksmith is very helpful when in comes to car key services, let’s go through the charges, shall we?

How much do I pay?

On average, the locksmith services for automotive lockout ranges between $70 to $100, however, charges may vary depending on the type of service required.

Trunk Opening – The cost of unlocking a trunk may go beyond the average range since it is a bit challenging task.

Broken key removal – If your car keys break inside the lock, removing it may cost you around $75 to $120 with an additional cost of rekeying.

High Security automobiles – The vehicles with advanced security systems may be harder to unlock, hence the charge will be on a higher range, around $100 to $130.

Emergency services – If your child or your pet is locked inside the car, you would need a faster service, this may come at a higher cost that usual.

Other services like rekeying costs around $50 to $70 per cylinder, laser key cutting costs around $100 to $170 and high-tech keys like transponder keys replacement can cost around $120 to $350 depending on the type. Repairing or replacing ignition locks can cost around $130 to $450. All these charges however, will be less than dealership quotes.

Where can I get the best service?

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