Key Stuck in Lock? Call a Locksmith to Repair Door Knob Locks & Hardware


We often encounter a lot of small specific problems with our locks that really annoy us. Just imagine a scenario when your door key is stuck into the lock as you try to open the door to go into your room and sink into your sofa, and you can’t get your key out of the front door’s lock!

In such a pesky situation when latches that don’t latch, or keys broken off in door locks, you got to be annoyed and hopeless.

The door lock mechanism may not function simply because the lock is dirty or dry and that needs to be lubricated with graphite. An improperly functioning latch may be the result of a poorly fitting door and that may cause serious lock problems.

Under such a condition, it is usually best to call a locksmith who can get the lock repaired after making a quick diagnosis of the locking system of your door. There could be reasons like the door has shrunk, and the latch no longer reaches the strike plate or the likes. Once the root cause is figured out, the professional residential locksmith starts working and resolves the problem. The locksmith often shifts the strike plate’s position usually by mortising the jamb, filling part of the old mortise, and so forth.

The locksmith shims out the plate if the latch does not reach the strike plate. The locksmith may add another strike plate on top of it, remove the screws, and run them through both plates. They can shim out the door’s hinges when the latch still doesn’t reach.

Do you think all these things can be performed by a rookie like you who has never done so before and especially when you are at your wit’s end?

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