247 Locksmith Pros have been in the Honda car locksmith services industry for a little over five years, and we have risen to be the top Honda locksmith in the nation. With satellite offices in all the major cities and regional centers, we have one of the fastest response times of all locksmiths, and we can provide solutions to your problems within an hour after contacting us.

Here are some of the Honda models we cater to on a daily basis:

  • CRV
  • Accord
  • Civic
  • Brio
  • Amaze
  • City
  • Ballade
  • Avancier
  • BR-V
  • Elysion

The above are some of the cars, trucks, and motorcycles we provide Honda locksmith services to and thousands of clients over the years have been our motivation to expand our list of services to provide holistic solutions to Honda locksmith services.

Times had changed from when automakers in the orient were considered to be of low value, and they are now contending with some of the luxurious and best car brands made in Europe and America. Since the turn of the millennium, Honda has advanced in technology as well as design and their cars are some of the most sought-after in the world. However, one of the key things to consider after getting your Honda, whether new or used is to ensure you draw up a service schedule, and of high importance is by ensuring you get a professional Honda locksmith to service your locks, alarm system as well as the ignition switch.


Trunk Opening

This is recurring problems that land on our call centers are questions whether we can open a jammed trunk. A more typical scenario is your key falling into the trunk when retrieving groceries and other goods from the trunk. Honda is one of the automakers that have advanced security features to secure your trunk from forced entry. Contact us as soon as you need to open your trunk, and our professionals will bring the latest equipment to open your trunk without causing any damage.

Honda Key Replacement

This service is for individuals who have lost their keys either because they are stolen or misplaced. This is an emergency since it can disrupt your schedule and make for a bad day. We have advanced tools to cut keys and reprogram your transponder to ensure you are well on your way. Contact us as soon as possible, and we will dispatch our rapid response crews to your location at a time of your convenience.

Broken Key Extraction

Keys being struck in the ignition or lock are a typical instance that happens at the most unfortunate time. Many people who contact us make the mistake of trying to force the key to turn and this is the biggest factor leading to broken keys. We equip each of our Honda car locksmith with advanced tools to extract keys with precision to avoid damaging the lock or ignition cylinder.

Key Duplication

After acquiring your Honda, the first step ought to be the making of a set of duplicate keys from the original key. Store the original key and use the copy; the reason for this is that in case you lose the duplicate key, you can always make another from the original key. We bring our key cutting services to you at a time of your convenience.


We take pride in our services, and thousands of customers contact us not only because of the services we offer, but also because of the quality of solutions, professionalism, and the most competitive Honda locksmith prices in the entire nation.

Full Range of Holistic Solutions

We have received complaints from hundreds of clients who when faced with the above problems, contracted our competitors only for the problem to re-occur. Each of our Honda car locksmiths has undergone rigorous training to ensure that they expedite the services with the utmost professionalism. This ensures that for services such as rekeying a lock, trunk opening, and transponder key reprogramming is holistic and it will be a while before the problem arises again.

Our Competitive Prices

Locksmith services cannot be offered by an inexperienced individual, and in most cases, these individuals charge high prices because they are concerned with breaking even. In the years we have been in the business, we have perfected our Honda locksmith services, and we understand how much we should charge concerning the quality of services. We undertake random market trend analysis, and we aim to bring our prices down for the best services.

We Bring Our Honda Locksmith Services to You

Most problems with your locks or ignition system arise at the most inconvenient of times leaving you with an emergency on your hands. We do not require that you tow your vehicle to our garage. Once you contact our customer care representatives, they dispatch one of our rapid response crews to your location and get you back on the road as soon as possible. We guarantee that a professional car Locksmith technician will be at your location within 30 minutes.

Honda Car Locksmith Professionals

We take pride in having the most qualified and experienced professionals in the business. We have a partnership with Honda where the factory locksmiths train our professionals in the latest technology they employ in their locks and ignition systems. This allows us to troubleshoot and diagnose your problem within minutes and rectify the problem on the spot.

The partnership goes beyond the training. We have access to the Honda transponder database that allows us to reprogram your newly cut transponder key on the spot.

No matter the make or model of the Honda you drive, at Locksmiths Pros we will get a Honda locksmith specialist to your location within 30 minutes to fix your problem on the spot at the lowest prices in the country.