Living in an older property? Must read this to increase your house security!


Are you about to move in to your ancestral house? Have you recently moved in to an older property? Older properties have their own advantages in terms that they are cheaper, are a lot more spacious and have a unique look and feel to it. However, one thing they lack in is proper security. Older properties usually have outdated and obsolete security systems which can easily be cracked by burglars now a days. It is therefore no surprise that most theft crimes usually happen in older homes as burglars love to target them considering the ease of breaking in.

If you are one of those who are living or planning to live in an older property, make sure you upgrade the security system by calling a residential locksmith in Texas at the earliest to ensure your and your family’s safety.

Issues with Older homes

Older homes usually have wooden framed windows and doors which weaker over time due to weather changes and weariness due to regular usage. The locks are worn out over time and the garage doors are old enough to break into easily. Hence make sure you change the doors, windows and locks. Upgrade the garage door with new access controls locks with intrusion alarms.

Outdated security systems

Most of the older homes have security systems which were installed once at the time the house was purchased and so, do not comply with the new standard security systems. Most of the older systems are connected mainly through the landline and experienced burglars will easily cut the connection to shut down the security system and make their move easily. Now a days, most security systems use wireless technology and upgrading to those will minimize the risk associated with the older worn-out security hardwares and systems. A professional locksmith in Texas can easily change the security hardware and upgrade it to the new requirements.

What is it about those dark areas

Ever wondered why most of the horror movies are shot in old remote properties? Older houses have a lot of dark areas due to lack of proper outdoor lighting which makes them both creepy as well as easy for intruders to get into. So next time you hear any sound in the middle of the night, its most likely that a thief got into the house, not a ghost!

Make sure you brighten all those dark areas to increase the security. Energy bulbs are a good budget-friendly option to make the areas more bright without burning a hole in the pocket. You can get more creative and decorative with those colorful led lights. The whole idea is “Let there be light!”

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