Magnetic key locks depend on magnets and they can secure doors, emergency exists, and hidden compartments. 

According to official FBI statistics, there is one burglary occurring every eighteen seconds in the United States. That is a total of close to two hundred property crimes per hour, and around five thousand a day. The figures are head-spinning alone – but can you imagine how you would feel to be the next victim of a home burglary? Or what would happen if your workplace were to be invaded by vandals or thieves? Crime is a part of the harsh reality we live in. The more familiar we are with it, the better we can protect ourselves against it. Our line of defense against property criminals should begin with the locks on our doors. Without proper lock mechanisms, our properties would turn into sitting targets for unscrupulous, opportunistic or experienced burglars. There are many different types, makes, and models of security locks to choose from. Magnetic key locks count among the most sturdy and effective locks for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the main things you should know about.


Magnetic keyed locks provide users with numerous advantages, ranging from the fact that it is almost impossible to pick their keyways to their excellent door concealment properties. As the name suggests, these locks harness a powerful magnetic force that researchers show could at times melt metal. So a magnetic lock should have no problem maintaining a door shut without the actual use of a standard bolt. There is, of course, the need for these types of locks to be disabled to enable access and exiting. Certain magnets serve a variety of needs, thus the reason why they need to be structured differently. Magnetic keyed locks rely on electricity to turn the metal into a magnet on a temporary business. Magnetic key locks also rely on different push and pull procedures in order to set the pins. Magnetic-coded locks are mixes of magnetic key locks and standard locks.

Magnetic locks can be fail-safe or fail-secure. A fail-secure locks is one that will keep a door locked in the event of a power outage or during an emergency. Fail-safe magnet locks have a special built-in feature that enables doors to unlock during outages or fires. The office staff should be able to rapidly leave the building during a fire without having to find any keys to unlock exit doors. If there is no emergency, the magnets are controlled with the help of a magnetic key that can temporarily cut the electricity running through the lock. In just a few seconds, the current will come back and bind the door to its frame via the magnetic force.

A magnetic iron plate is binded to the door, while the electromagnet will be tied to the frame. The way the coil is wound and the amount of electrical power used will determine the efficiency of the magnetic key lock.


A door with a magnetic lock on it will remain locked under a force of up to 1,200 pounds. Most burglars are not prepared to pick a magnetic lock, so they are less likely to break into a building secured with magnetic keyed locks. Standard locks can be picked relatively easy with the help of improvised tools, so magnetic locks are safer. Plus, the force of a magnet can be increased by increasing the amount of electrical power.

A magnetic lock will open in the event of a fire or a different type of an emergency. A door with a magnetic lock on it will remain locked under a force of up to 1,200 pounds. It can also open with the help of fingerprint or key code access, swipe cards or motion sensors, allowing users a number of convenient alternatives to choose from.

Magnetic keyed locks can be easily installed with the help of an experienced locksmith. The Locksmiths Pros team can provide you with the entire range of commercial, residential, and automotive services, including lock installation, no matter the type, make, and model of the lock you have chosen, magnetic locks included. In case you have lost or misplaced a magnetic key to a secret jewelry or paperwork compartment or one of the doors on your office, one of our lock technicians will replace your key in no time. For any other types of emergency problems with your locks and keys, call our customer support and let us send over our nearest licensed and insured mobile technician.


If someone were to interrupt the electrical power in your building or home by cutting some wires or tampering with the electrical panel, they will render the magnetic locks useless. Plus, a property criminal could also pry a magnetic lock door open rather easily, by using the gap found between the door and its frame.

Not all magnetic keyed locks are built with an equal amount of electrical power, so some of them are less efficient or complex compared to more expensive models. There are magnetic key locks that only need one magnet to open a secret compartment. While this approach might not be ideal for securing a door, it it efficient enough for hiding a precious object in a concealed location such as gun cabinets. Magnetic padlocks are examples of magnetic key locks that feature several magnets that can prevent just one magnet from opening a door.

All in all, magnetic keyed locks are reliable options for adding more security to a commercial building or a home. As science continues to evolve and further understand the amazing power of magnetic force, the security industry will start reaping more benefits.

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