Want to have just one master key for all the doors in your business? Our locksmiths provide master key system installation services for businesses of all sizes. We can install a master key system for you on the spot, usually using your existing door locks, saving you a lot of money.


We can design and install the ideal master key system for your business. Our master key system locksmiths can come to your location and work with you to build the master key system that’ll best meet your needs. After taking your needs into consideration and after having mapped out a master key system plan, we’ll get right to work installing the master key system in your office space or apartment building.


Our master key system locksmiths for offices are here to answer any questions you might have about our master key design and installation services.

If you are wondering if a master key system is an appropriate choice for your company or apartment building, we can help by providing you with valuable information on the practical benefits having one of these systems installed, as well as any potential downsides.

Master key systems are a great choice for:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Colleges and Schools
  • Government institutions
  • Apartment buildings
  • Commercial warehouses

With so many various lock styles in circulation today, you might be surprised to learn that at the core of most locks, the functionality of each remains very similar to the others. Since most locks on the market today work, in the same way, our expert home locksmith technicians can switch around the pins inside the locks in order to configure them in a way that creates a master key system.


There’s a reason why we’re often being called upon to design master keys systems for our clients. Master key systems afford company owners and landlords a whole new level of convenience by allowing them to unlock all the doors within their property with just one key, instead of them having to unlock each door in their workspace with a different key. Master key systems allow for each individual door to be unlocked with a different key, while at the same time being able to be unlocked with one main master key.

Advantages Of Master Key Systems: 

  • Fewer keys are needed
  • Improved office security
  • They are easily customizable
  • A major convenience factor

When master key systems are installed correctly, they can later be changed by professional locksmiths in order to customize the system further. This is not only extremely convenient but is also a very cost-effective investment option for the future. There truly are so many reasons why installing a master key system can be great for your business. Our locksmith pros team can assist you with all your master key installation needs at very affordable prices.

Possible Concerns with Master Key Systems

  • If just one key (the master key) gets lost, someone will have gained unlimited access to all the spaces in your space.
  • If these systems are not designed properly, some of the keys in your master system will open doors they shouldn’t and some keys won’t manage to open the doors that they should.

Our team of locksmith pros has lots of experience in designing and installing master key systems that function properly and will be durable enough to withstand years of usage.


In order of most restricted access to least restricted access to the system.

Change Keys

A change key is also known as a sub-master key. These keys open just one lock or two locks which are totally identical. A change key without a master key system is essentially a regular key.

Master Keys

This key, which is often known as the MK, can unlock either all the locks or some of the locks that the change key can unlock plus other, higher level locks that the change key cannot.

Grand Master Keys

These keys, which are referred to as the GMKs, can unlock several master key systems and all the doors within it.

Great Grand Master Key

The great grand master key will be able to unlock each of the grand master key systems under it, as well as the master key systems under them, including the change keys under them as well.

The truth is that there is technically no end to the number of levels a master key system could potentially have. There could be great greats as well. The reason why these are not so commonly made is that they are complicated to do, and there is usually little need for them in any case.

To have a master key system designed and installed, contact our locksmith pros team today!