Most common car lockout situations you can get into


“Today i am going to be in a car lockout, so I better be prepared” Ever heard of this statement? Atleast I haven’t! The point is car lockouts are never pre-planned, so you are never prepared about it. The most preparation you can do is keep a locksmith’s number handy. Car lockouts can happen to anyone, whether you lock yourself or your kids in or out of the car or lose your car keys, you need an immediate solution. This is where a professional locksmith will help.

Although most of you have already experienced one or more of these situations, being aware of every kind of situation can help you avoid any of those in the future.

  1. The very common lost them at home

If you are a very disciplined person who likes to keep things at their designated place, it is less likely you will find yourself in such a situation, however it might still happen if you have a child in your home, or some other member who might have kept them at some other place. However, if you are someone who keeps things anywhere they find convenient, it is very easy to lose something which is small and can easily hide under or fall into something. If you are in such a situation, stay calm and call a professional car locksmith.

  1. Lost keys at work

You are heading towards the parking with a good mood on Friday evening after working hard for the week. You are planning your weekend while reaching out to you pocket for car keys when there is a sudden break of thought chain when you realize you don’t have the keys in your pocket. It is very easy to misplace the keys in the office, where you go to multiple places like break-room, cafeteria, washroom, bosses cabin and many other places. You rush back to trace your steps in all those places but in vain. You have no other option but to call a trusted auto locksmith to get you keys replaced.

  1. Locked keys in the car

This is a very common situation wherein you park your car for a little while to do an errand like fill up the gas. By instinct, you do a manual lock on the car to ensure safety, however you made the dreaded mistake of leaving the keys inside the car. You also keep a set of spare keys, but also inside the car. Again, you do not have much to do than to call a locksmith.

  1. Locked keys with engine running

A lot of time it happens that you want to get a quick take away order while you are driving or get some medicines from the chemist besides the road and you keep your engine running so the heat can keep circulating, specially in winters. However, out of habit, you lock the car after getting out. This situation again calls for a locksmith if you do not have spare keys with you.

  1. Break key inside the lock cylinder

Frustration can make us do a lot of things. You frustrated over your boss not giving you a raise or frustrated over someone eating your sandwich from the office fridge or your key fob not working you can take out your frustration over a lot of things, but your car key slot is not the right place. Turning your key harder can cause it to break leaving you in deep waters.

Whom to call in such situations

Car Keys Guru is your go to locksmith if you ever get into such a situation. We are available 24/7 and will get to your location under 30 minutes. We are industry experts offering all kinds of locksmith services including car lockout services in Texas and 30 other cities across the country. Call us today at 2817776030 for any kind of locksmith requirements.