Locksmith prices shouldn’t be a budget-buster or a deal-breaker. Our locksmith rates are extremely competitive, which is why we are confident enough to be completely transparent with you.


We believe in offering top-notch service at a cheap rate so that our customer comes away from the experience knowing that he’s received his money’s worth. At CarKeysGuru, we believe in offering our customers our best services at a reasonable rate. We understand just how hard the average American works, and we know that word-of-mouth is the best advertising there is. Our technicians will always provide you with expert locksmith care at unbeatable locksmith rates.

When calling upon CarKeysGuru, you will always receive a cheap locksmith rate on all tasks completed including emergency locksmith services, and you spread the word. It’s as simple as that. Of course, there may be rare instances in which we get to the scene and find unexpected complications with the job. In that case, we’ll first, thoroughly explain to you the extra steps required to do the job; and then present you with all possible options moving forward. For cheap locksmiths that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, we are the team to rely on.


We offer a wide range of locksmith services at extremely competitive rates. We buy quality locks, keys, and other parts at wholesale prices, and we are local which means less travel time for our technicians. We can, therefore, provide you with reduced rates on each of the services we offer.

The following are the locksmith rates of our most commonly requested services:

Lock Re-Key $25*
Car Lockout $25*
House Lockout $30*
Car Key Extraction $40*
New Lock Installation $60*
Master Key system installation $40*
Mailbox Lockout $25*
Windows locks installation $35*
Patio door locks $40*
Gate locks installation $45*
Keypad locks installation $85*
Mailbox Change $90*
Ignition services $80*
File cabinet Change/Lockout $60*
Safe Installation & Service $60*
Motorcycle locksmith $55
Boat locksmith service $75
Garage door lock replacement $65
* $19 Service Call Fee


When you find yourself in need of a locksmith service, you’ll want to get a clear price quote before making any decisions. We want to get you the help you need right away, which is why we’ve developed a system that does just that.

Obtain an estimate in 3 simple steps:

  • Call our hotline

    When you call our hotline, our friendly phone representative will take your call and answer any questions that you have about our services.

  • Tell us your situation & location

    Once we know what situation you’re in, we can ask you pointed questions and give you the most accurate price quote possible.

  • We dispatch a locksmith to you

    With your address and location on hand, we can Dispatch the nearest locksmith to you, who will arrive ASAP to assist you.

When our customers call us up and ask us “How much does a locksmith cost for a particular service?” We are quick to respond by giving them a price quote which we tell them are approximations. It’s impossible to give our clients an exact answer until our skilled locksmith representative sees the security issue for him/herself on the spot. Only then will the locksmith be able to accurately assess the job’s cost.

The estimate will include all the fees and charges, including:

  • fee for a service call
  • labor
  • replacement parts
  • additional fees for mileage, responding to a night call, fuel surcharge, tool usage or other items


In the past, locksmith prices were known to be so outrageous that calling upon the services of a home, office, or car locksmith was something that was only reserved for absolute emergencies. Many would try their very best to break into their own car or even call a tow before calling a locksmith. The fear of needing to spend an exorbitant amount of money was just too much. Not anymore. Now you can call CarKeysGuru, and for just $25, we’ll quickly get you in your car and on your way. We offer the cheapest locksmith prices for all the services we provide. If you’re shopping around for a good deal, give our locksmith rates a look, and see for yourself.


  • Get ID- The first thing that our locksmith will do when arriving to service your locks, is show you his identification/ business card. This is for your security, as it lets you know that the locksmith is a legitimate member of our locksmith team.
  • At this point, the locksmith will take a look at the issue that you’d like resolved, and he will give you a written estimate. At this point, you will have the opportunity to decide whether or not you want the technician to continue with the service.
  • We encourage transparency; Feel free to ask for proof of registration and licensing from our locksmiths.
  • If you’re in a lockout situation, seeking our assistance to get back into your home or vehicle, we will ask you for proof of identification to make sure that you are in fact the resident of the home/ car owner before letting you in.
  • We know you are busy, but you should read the paperwork that we give you before signing, we don’t want any confusion down the line, and we want you to be as informed as possible.
  • Just like when you’re at the dentist, you have a right to know exactly what we are about to do to your locks. Feel free to pepper us with questions- don’t be shy, ask us about our methods and the tools we’ll be using before we get started.
  • If you are pleased with the services we’ve provided you with, please save our number- just in case there is a next time!

Call CarKeysGuru today for the best 24/7 locksmith services at the cheapest prices in the USA!




To get a cheap lock smith estimate, all you need to do is call us and let us know which of our services you are in need of. We will then be able to give you the most precise service estimate we can.

Our price quotes are all-inclusive. The estimate we give you includes payment for replacement parts, as well as any possible emergency fees and travel expenses for our technicians.

When you contact our phone representatives and let us know what services you are seeking, we’ll ask you some questions to help us determine which parts we’ll need. We can then give you a price quote that covers the cost of replacement parts.

Yes, we most definitely can tell you the cost of a service on the phone. When you call us up, you can let us know exactly what it is that you need help with, and we’ll give you a price quote over the phone.

Definitely not! We always try to have the necessary tools and parts that we need with us when we arrive. If, however, we see that there is an extra part that we failed to bring along with us, we take full responsibility for the oversight. In such a situation, we would never charge our client for a second call.

We accept all major credit cards and cash.

No, we try our best to give precise estimates over the phone. Sometimes, upon arriving at the scene, and assessing the situation first-hand, our locksmith might notice something that a client didn’t realize needed servicing. In such a situation, a new price quote will be given, and you will have the opportunity to decide whether or not you’d like us to complete the service.

We understand that when it comes to hiring a locksmith, cheap is the operant word. The cost of a locksmith service will depend on the task that needs doing. You can check out our price list, or contact us for a more precise quote.

If you require our emergency locksmith services on the weekend or after regular business hours, we do charge a small additional fee to come out and assist you right away.