Anything about your home security is everything we can do at LocksmithsPros. No need for experimenting, our professional home locksmiths will ensure a secret eye for your front door. Peepholes provide residents with the ability to control whom they let into their home. This is crucial when it comes to your security.


Door viewers come in many sizes and versions. They are customizable and made to fit all types of doors on the market today. Peepholes come in many styles and colors; they can be high tech and digital, or simple and durable. No matter what your specific security needs and budget requirements entail, our office and home locksmiths are here to assist you with all your door viewer installation needs.

Some of the best door viewer options available:

  • MiniViewers
  • MiniScopes
  • XtraScopes
  • NuScopes
  • WideScopes.
  • Ultra-Vision
  • High tech door viewers


This control addiction has very well based foundations. It is because of the number of risks we are exposed to once we get outdoors. Thus, why not taking preventive measures?

We at LocksmithsPros have asked our customers and future prospects on how they would like to manage their home security. Based on this, and on the most valuable experience in terms of general security measures, we have established a number of security services at really affordable prices. Interestingly, we have discovered that installing a Peephole is one of the most common requests when the front door is considered.

This control addiction seems to have very well based foundations. It is because of the number of risks we are exposed to once we get outdoors. Thus, why not taking preventive measures? Installing a peephole gives you the opportunity to encounter no unexpected entrances at your home. Whenever a child is home alone, he/ she can be advised to check from the door peephole before opening it. As a matter of fact, a peephole might be a solution for any category of individuals that have no eyesight restrictions. Who wants to spend valuable hours with the boring neighbor next door?


Installing a peephole does not necessarily mean that you have already ensured your home/ office the tool for a secure environment. A door peephole must be considered as a “guest filtering” facility, it shouldn’t be considered as a protection measure.

A peephole cannot notify your protection agency about imminent risks, either can it protect you from possible invaders. Anyways, if installed from LocksmithsPros it can provide you with the chance to save time. Our Residential Locksmith support is at your disposal anytime for 24/7.


It might seem like an easy task, but it is almost the contrary, peephole installation requires a certain level of expertise that can be achieved only through the services of professional locksmiths, that are also certified, locksmiths. Our door viewer installation experts have certain techniques that we use to ensure that your peepholes are being installed professionally.

The main tools we use for peephole installations include:

  • Measurements
  • Drilling
  • Peephole installment

Measuring the right point for the installation of the peephole is highly important. Our home locksmith will begin installing a peephole by having you stand in front of the door and put a sign at the level of your eyesight. This might be the exact point in terms of height. Whilst, if you are living in a family made of members of different ages and heights, you need to simulate cases per each of them in order to understand which would be the adequate height for installing the peephole. It is very important to manage this, as otherwise some of the members might not benefit from the advantages of the peephole. As far as the distance from the two sides of the door, usually the middle line is considered to be advantageous. It gives you the opportunity to control a wider area of the outside environment.

When it comes to drilling, it is up to the locksmith professional. He has to be considered the expert in choosing the right drilling size and pressure needed depending on the type of the material your door is made of. Relevant to this, he will also choose and use the right instruments.

The last but not the least is the peephole installment phase. It is very important to make sure that you’ve discussed all the specifications you are looking for in a quality peephole so that it will meet your needs and it won’t get easily damaged due to weather conditions (especially if the door is situated outdoors). You need to pay attention to the lens quality as well. The magic of the peephole stands behind the fisheye lens. These lenses make possible you can see on the outside, but the outsider cannot see you.


If you want to get started with your home security, but you do not know where to start from, we invite you to visit the LocksmithsPros professional locksmiths’ services. And, why not start with the peephole installation? It is an affordable home security instrument that will also give you the opportunity to test and enjoy the comfort of our products and team of experts who are willing to provide.

If you decide to come and pay us a visit, make sure to have an attractive smile because we will be there looking from the other side, thanks to our superb magic peephole installed in the front door.

We provide 24/7 service online support and full customizable infrastructure depending on your requests, Commercial Locksmith needs or Residential ones.