Check out these top lock brands, if you are looking to replace the locks in your home or office. When it comes to your security and the security of your loved ones, don’t cut corners, rather research the best brands first!

With the rise of burglary in homes and offices over the last few years, the need for locks that are highly secure has greatly increased. Nowadays, home and office owners are finding it challenging to ensure the proper security of their establishments and families. Thus, the reputed lock brand companies have come up with some of the best and most highly-secure lock brands that aim to offer you complete protection.

If you are looking for effective and popular lock bands, go through our recommendations and find the one that best suits your needs. The list is comprised of different brands of locks for all your security needs.


Kwikset is a leading lock brand that many individuals still rely on. And, why not? It is one of the oldest lock brands and is still managing to produce the best locks on the market. Founded in 1946, Kwikset creates locks that are tailored to the needs of homes and businesses.

The manufacturers stress proper planning in order to create locks that meet your expectations and work effectively to protect your property. They are made of high-quality material with superior lock-bumping technology in modern designs.

You will find numerous types of Kwikset locks on the market;

The most-sought-after ones are:

  • Electronic locks
  • Security deadbolts
  • Digital locks
  • Keyless entry combination locks

One of the best launches by Kwikset is the SmartKey re-key technology, which has provided top-notch safety to homes. The good thing about this type of lock is that it is available in a budget-friendly cost, making it available to everyone looking for improved security.

Kwikset has also founded Home Connect Technology, which connects the lock system with your security network at home. This has made it easy and useful for homeowners with an array of control options.


Yale is one of the renowned names in the lock industry. There’s hardly anyone who has not heard of or used Yale locks. It’s no surprise that Yale is one of the most sold locks in the world.

The main initiative of Yale is to provide top-security and the best-priced locks to their clients so that they may rest assured they will be safe at all times.

Locks created by Yale are brilliantly tailored and built with updated and innovative technologies. They are created with the best materials with a modern style so that they can match even the trendiest interiors of homes and businesses.

To meet the demands of clients for the updated and highly-secure locks, Yale has manufactured a sequence of smart locks, which is equipped with smart devices that handle, monitor and provide all-around protection to your establishments.

You can search from the large assortments of Yale lock styles including Smart Door Lock, Smart Alarm, and Digital Door Viewer to make your home burglar-proof. The smart door locks by Yale allows you to open the door with a code, an app or a key tag. Moreover, the lock sends you a notification on your device if any intruders enter or leave your home.


Schlage is a reputed name in the world of locks and this is no exaggeration. This band is an international name in itself, which has created a series of high-security locks such as digital locks, deadbolts, smart locks, levers, handle sets among others.

The Schlage manufacturers don’t compromise with the quality, thus, each of their locks is made from superior metal that offers improved security, durability, and strength. With Schlage locks, you get a lifetime guarantee of security and trust.

Professional locksmiths suggest that homeowners should choose lightweight and commercial grade deadbolts by Schlage, which are available as mechanical or electronic and are created with premium material. You can find them in single and double cylinders and choose one that best fits your needs.

The high-end locks from Schlage come with fingerprint-resistant screens, which are connected to your smart devices. There is an array of remarkable styles and designs of Schlage locks from which you can select. One of the impressive things about these locks is that they are easy to install.

The Sense Smart Deadbolt from Schlage is a well-known lock style among several consumers because it is equipped with a touch screen that requires you to enter a code to operate your door. Surprisingly, as modern, as they appear, they are easy to operate and control.


Established in 1968, Medeco is one of the leading lock brands among users. Operating for several years now, they are still popular because of their great quality and affordable prices. With the need to offer more security to home and office owners, they have made several changes in their locks so that they can offer unbeatable protection from burglars.

The main goal of Medeco is to make locks that are built with advanced technology without changing their style. Thus, these locks are stylish and secure in order to offer both style and safety to your establishments.

Medeco locks are equipped with restricted keyway locks, signifying that one cannot duplicate their keys without a suitable identification card. They are widely used in schools, medical centers, homes, universities, and banks.

These locks are available in several varieties, including Padlocks, Deadbolts, Parking Equipment Locks, Key in Knob/Lever, Switch Locks, Cam Locks, and Cabinet Locks.


It has become extremely important to make efforts to improve the overall security of establishments and homes. Therefore, the leading lock brands are launching their latest locks which are updated with advanced technology to take care of all your security needs.

So, don’t delay! If you are looking for better security for your homes and businesses, find the best lock brand today.