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Home burglary statistics are anything but reassuring in the United States, where one burglary occurs every 13 seconds. Moreover, about three out of four homes are likely to be broken into in the next 20 years, so prevention is key and advanced security is a must. It is imperative to use a variety of enhanced protection solutions if you wish to keep your loved ones and prized possessions safe from the sticky hands of burglar and the prying eyes of neighborhood thieves.

Many people are interested in using something more than the basic locks on their front doors to keep the peril away. Some of these solutions work better than others. Knowing which home security myths have been debunked is what could help you avoid a great deal of the hassle.


  • Placing “home alarm” signs in your yard or on your fence. Lots of people place security alarm signs in the area around their house thinking they will manage to keep potential intruders at bay. However, by doing this, they also provide opportunist burglars with the necessary information on the exact alarm system model you are using. From there to doing a brief search online and finding out what are the vulnerabilities of the respective system or what is the easiest way to disable the alarm, the road is short. Never tip off thieves by providing them with this type of information, whether it refers to an advanced surveillance system or a simple home alarm. Instead, you can use generic alarm signs that do not provide the exact name and serial model of the system in use.
  • Going on vacation and turning on all the lights. Thieves looking for their next victim will keep a close eye on the homes they plan on breaking into. They will do daytime and nighttime surveillance and write down the times when you park your car in your garage, turn on the lights in the evening or turn the patio lights off at night. Leaving a few lights on for a few days or more while you are away on vacation will be one of the first things a burglar will notice. They will quickly understand your home is empty and start planning their hit. Try to ask a trustworthy neighbor to turn a few lights on every night, or use a smart lights controller that allows you to manage your lights no matter where on the globe you might be traveling.
  • Hiding your cash or jewelry under the mattress. This is one of the first places a home burglar will look once they will manage to break in. the sock drawer isn’t a better choice either. You can either use a sturdy, floor-bolted home safe that most burglars will be deterred by, or give up trying to steal, or use an inconspicuous location that you can find around the house.
  • Displaying a “beware of dog” sign in your yard. Unless your dog barks all day and can be heard or seen from the street, chances are very few burglars will actually trust your signs. Plus, some dogs are too lazy to attack or even bark if a stranger gets in, so they may take a chance either way.


A sturdy lock on your main entryway topped by a well-functioning alarm system with sensors and interior and exterior surveillance cameras is an ideal combo. Very few thieves will take a chance here. No one wants to be thrown into the spotlight while trying to cut a lock with an electric saw or in the middle of the night.

Needless to say, your locks should be locked at all times, whether you are home or not. You could opt for an electronic or smart lock that will automatically lock the door behind you when you are leaving the house. There are locks that will record all entries and alert you about any suspicious activity inside the house. The alerts will be sent straight to your phone so you can act upon them immediately.

Opt for trusted lock brands such as Kwikset and have your new locks installed by a professional locksmith with experience in the field. The Locksmiths Pros team is here to assist you with realistic recommendations and practical help with lock installation and alarm fitting. We also handle lock repairs, key duplication, peephole installation and other types of residential and commercial security solutions.

Window bars are also excellent thief deterrents that work well, especially on ground-floor windows. If you need something more advanced, a small-keyed lock with movement sensors for your windows should do the trick. You could also consider fitting a surveillance system around the house, or at least one monitoring camera on your patio or in the alley to keep potential burglars away.

If you need to have your home properly secured with the help of the most suitable solutions, contact us and schedule an appointment for a free assessment of your needs. We work with the most advanced locks and security systems and our prices are unparalleled in the industry.