Thinking of changing your house locks? Know the types and consider an upgrade


Replacing locks is not a very exciting thing to do, however very important. Whether your house keys are lost or there was an unfortunate break-in or a depressing break-up, first thing you would need to do is replace your house locks. In order to make an informed decision, it is very important to know the type of locks available in the market so you can figure out which one would be the best for your house and in case of a break-in, you would want to upgrade the locks so it does not happen again.

  1. Door knobs

Door knob locks are very common among interior doors, although they are also used in some exterior doors, it is not a good idea. Door knobs offer very limited security and can be easily kicked into. They can however be used for exterior use when combined with deadbolts. It is important to be aware of the lock mechanism to help finalize the best places to install them.

  1. Cylinderical Lever locks

These type of locks, similar to deadbolts are used widely in both residential and commercial spaces, however, tend to bend more towards the commercial ones. For residential settings, most people prefer door knobs over cylindrical levers, even though the the later ones are easier to operate. This type of lock can be used for interior doors, however is not suited for exterior use as they can easily be bypassed.

  1. Deadbolts

Deadbolts are the most common type of door lock and are used in a lot of residential as well as commercial properties. They are one of the most secure locks and hence commonly used to secure exterior or main entrance doors. A deadbolt is mainly of two types, single cylinder and double cylinder with the single one being more common among house owners. Although they are very secure, not all are built the same. They have a grading system which indicates how much force it can withstand. Make sure you check the ratings before you get one. If you are not sure, a residential locksmith will help you.

  1. Mortise locks

These types of locks are mostly used in commercial properties, even though they can also be found in some residential ones. If they are installed in homes, either the homeowner went way ahead tp get them installed or it was already there when he moved in and he decided to keep it. These locks are comparable with Grade 1 deadbolts. These locks are installed with the only purpose of security.

  1. Euro Cylinder locks

These type of locks are more common in Europe than in America. These locks are usually not the primary locks but used in combination with other locks. They can be used interiors to secure patio doors or double doors. This type of lock easily wears and tears over extended use, hence not suitable for exterior doors. Although not very secure, they are easy to install and hence can be a good option for interior doors.

  1. Electronic/Smart locks

These type of locks can intimidate anyone, even the burglars. These locks use a combination of deadbolt locks along with an electronic keypad system. They are mostly used in properties where there is a need of better access control. Even though these locks are secure enough, you need to ensure this will not compromise the house security in times of power outrage.

Lock Replacement in Texas

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