Tips for When Your Car Keys Don’t Work in the Ignition


If your car keys are not turning inside the ignition slot of your vehicle, most probably you will be confused and scratch your head about what to do next. In such a situation, you’d rather contact an expert licensed automotive locksmith services professional. However, if you are desperate to get back driving on the road, and you are confident enough to tackle the situation and that you can get to drive again in no time at all, go with your own way.

Check if your car keys are bent, if it’s worn out, or you are carrying the correct key, or if the key is dirty.

Then, check if the car is in the “Neutral” or “Park” position. There are automatic transmission vehicles that have a safety feature where the vehicle “locks” the key in place. It does not allow you to turn it when it is not in the park or neutral.  That is the only way to take out the key. The car can drive itself off if this feature does not exist.

Check if lubrication of the ignition socket is done. If it is not done, it may not work at times. You can use a silicone-based lubricant, and you can let it dry and wipe off the excess fluid. Then, try twisting the key again.

But when these tips do not work, you have to call a professional automotive locksmith services provider. When it comes to hiring professional automotive locksmith services professional, make sure to check if they are providing all kinds of mobile lock services around the clock.

Features of a Professional Locksmith Services Provider:

  • Car lockouts
  • Car key replacement
  • Car key extraction
  • Jammed key in the ignition
  • Ignition switch repairs
  • Transponder key programming
  • Carlock replacement
  • Broken car key removal
  • Motorcycle lock repairs
  • Mobile 24-hour service
  • Car trunk lockout solutions
  • Car key duplication

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