Top 3 commercial security solutions for your business premises


Keeping a commercial property safe and secure is a great deal of responsibility which can give anyone sleepless nights. It involves a hell lot of research and planning to find out the best security fit for your business. There are a lot of options in the market to choose from which can either be used individually and in combination. The type of security for your business will depend on the type of property you have and the level of access required. Let us see some of the most popular security solutions in market today.

Restricted master key system

This is a very powerful security solution. A master key system is a hierarchal access system wherein the master key is at the top and has access to almost all locks. This key usually resides with the business owner and core management team. The bottommost layer has a large number of keys which have access to only one lock. This is for employees who only need access to a particular area or cabinet only. The less the number of master keys, the more secure is the system. This type of security solution is ideal for construction sites or manufacturing plants which allows you to provide access to a site as required.

Access control systems

Access controls work a lot like the master key system. The only difference is that access controls are electronic keying system rather than physical keying. Here, the access can be easily added or revoked using a computer software which programs the authorization of cards or codes. This type of solution is ideal for office premises, hotels and other type of commercial properties with less to no physical work involved.

With this, you can not only control which doors a person can access, but also how many times he can. For example, you can give access to the cleaning staff for a few hours and not other staff. This system also generates reports on who accessed which areas for how much time.

CCTV cameras and alarms

Cameras and alarm systems are great tools to keep an eye on the premises when you cannot be there all the time physically. These are one of the first things you should consider while thinking of implementing security solutions for your business. Security cameras are effective for collecting evidence if required at a later point of time as it can provide footage to the authorities in an event of crime. Alarm systems act as a good deterrent for criminals and burglars by scaring them away. Monitored alarm systems will notify the security services company which in turn will inform you and the police as required.

The powerful combination

A good security system should use a combination of all the above systems to ensure full coverage of your premises. These systems can be scaled easily to cover single site and expand to cover multiple locations across the city or even states and national territories.

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