Top three Locksmith myths deflated. Know the fact so you act better!


Locksmiths are very helpful when in comes to a lockout situation yet they are underrated. There are quite a few myths about locksmiths which most of believe are true, hence end up not calling them when required and making the situation worse and embarrassing. Read on to understand the most common myths and the facts around them.

Why call one when I can do it myself

Whether the key is broken into the lock, or their is a lockout situation, or you need to change your locks after a recent move-in, not all of us are experts in locksmithing. It is better not to try your hand at something you have never tried before, specially when your and your family’s safety can be at risk. A lot of you out there are jack of all trades and cal do a lock change by themselves, agreed, but it’s not about just installing locks. The locks should be appropriate, for example, you need to use a high security lock with deadbolts on your main entry door, not just any regular lock. Also, the installation needs to meet the right standard for the lock to work effectively. If the lock is not fitted to the approved standard and your house is broken into, it won’t be a surprise if your insurance does not pay out for it. It is best to call a residential locksmith in such cases.

Locksmith services are very costly

Everyone wants to save a couple of bucks wherever possible, hence they myth, locksmiths overcharge, although it is not true. Also, seeing a couple of TV shows like Sherlock Homes, Dexter, James Bond, we think the job they do is very easy, this has also contributed to thinking they charge a lot for a little. If you choose to go for a local locksmith, you can compare the charges with others and see for yourself that their charges are very fair. If you choose a national locksmith who does a lot of advertising, you will obviously end up paying more than the actual cost since the costs of advertising will be transferred into the costs. So next time you need residential locksmith services, just go for a local but trusted one.

If I hire a locksmith, the job should be done in minutes

Expecting that the locksmith will unlock the house or open the safe or make the keys in a jiffy, is unfair. Locks are made for the very purpose of not breaking easily so anyone cannot get into easily when they are not supposed to. This rule applies for the locksmiths as well, some locks with extra security features are very hard and complicated to break into and poking them constantly will only increase the time to complete the job. Giving them time and their space is very important if you want to get the job done faster.

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