Types of car keys and what to do in case you lose them


Busy lifestyle often makes us forgetful. We misplace or lose things, and one of which is very easy to lose is your car keys. You keep them in your pocket, your desk, leave them in ignition and hundred other possible places where you can keep them and forget. It is very natural and human to panic and stress out in such conditions specially if you have meeting to attend or somewhere important to go.

Unless you are an expert in DIY hacks to open the car, its best to call an expert emergency locksmith in Texas to help you out.

There are different types of car make and keys associated to them due to which regaining access to a locked car varies from make to make. Below are the five major types of car keys and how to access them in case you lose your key.

  1. Traditional mechanical key

These are the ones which use the traditional ignition cylinder mechanism. If you lose the keys and do not have a spare one, you are left with the only sane option of calling a professional locksmith who will make you a new key on the spot or replace the ignition lock cylinder.

  1. Keyless Entry system

Keyless entry systems or key fobs are a great alternative to mechanical keys which add into the security as well as to convenience. This can lock and unlock your car without the need of physical key. If you lose your key fob, you can still access the car with your mechanical key. You can get a new key fob at auto parts store, dealership and online. However, make sure to call a locksmith to program those key fobs before you can use them.

  1. Key and fob combination

Unless the keyless entry systems, these type of car needs both the fob and the key in order to lock, unlock and start the car. If you lose either one, you cannot access the car unless you get a replacement. You can get a replacement with your dealership however, that might cost you more than with a local and trusted locksmith who can cut it and program it on-site.

  1. Transponder keys

Transponders work on a wireless connection between the car and the keys. They are basically plastic headed ignition keys with a computer chip which is programmed inside. If you lose the transponder, you will have to call a towing company to tow the car to the dealership where it will be verified for ownership. Upon verification, you will have to purchase a new key which will be paired with the car.

  1. Keyless Ignition

These are the smart keys for vehicles which have the start button on the dash. It uses a proximity-sensor to automatically detect the keys nearby. You can start the vehicle by just pushing a button. If you have a backup built on your key fob, you can still start he car in the absence of the smart key. However if that is not the case, contact the nearest emergency locksmith in Texas.

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