What Should I Do When My Car Door Won’t Open from Either Side?


I hate being locked out of my car. When it happens, it usually occurs at the wrong time. There are several reasons to get in a rush, such as being late for work, running late for the dentist, or needing to get your child to school in time for an important exam.

When you can’t open your car door from the outside, it’s never convenient! I don’t mean locking the keys inside your car. Losing the keys is not an option either. Despite having car keys in hand, you can’t get into your car because the door mechanism is malfunctioning.

When you feel trapped inside your car, it is just as bad as when you can’t exit! A car door that won’t open when you are inside your car is a scary situation for those who wonder how they’ll escape. A cold sweat breaks out on your back as you feel trapped and your heart starts racing.

As a result, most people either call for help (assuming they have their cell phone in hand and they are in a service area), or crawl to another exit.

It’s unlikely that you have ever had a problem where the door to your car won’t open or close. Here are some things to consider if you find yourself in a similar situation.

There is something called deadlocking. You may be experiencing deadlocking if you can’t get into or out of your door.

What is this?

Deadlocks became more common in automobiles in the 1990s as a defense against theft. The purpose of this is to deter criminals from entering your car.

The internal locking mechanism of the car door is hard to access when a deadlock is enabled. Unlocking the door should be possible if you have the key. These mechanisms, however, can occasionally malfunction, preventing you from entering or exiting.

If you ever end up in a situation like this, you might want to consider contacting a locksmith or an auto mechanic.

Broken mechanism

A broken lock mechanism may also be to blame. Stuck doors can be caused by this.

If this happens, you would be best served by contacting an experienced automotive locksmith who is familiar with vehicle door locks. With the right background, car locksmith services in Houston will be able to disassemble and adjust all kinds of car and truck mechanisms.

When You Need Car Locksmith Services in Houston?

Get in touch with Car Keys Guru if you’ve locked yourself out of your car, lost your remote key, or the door of your car won’t open from the outside or the inside. You will be assisted by a courteous, professional locksmith from our company.

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