What Should You Do When Your Car Has Been Burgled?


Having your car broken into is a terrifying experience. In this case, how do you respond? In some cases, a thief will try to break in with a screwdriver only. Nevertheless, your car and security have been compromised.

As an automotive locksmith in Houston, the first thing you need to do if someone has broken into your vehicle or home is to inform the authorities. View the footage of any security cameras your neighbors may have or if you keep a dash camera running, see if you can find any useful information. The next step is ours. Our team at Carkeys Guru has worked with a number of clients who have experienced break-ins on a weekly basis.

A few of the most frequent calls that we get at Carkeys Guru are from those old college friends who keep breaking into your home, “they took my spare key and keep stealing my car.” “someone tried to start my car with a screwdriver,” or “what do I need to do?” The good news is that you have a couple of options at your disposal, all of them leaving you feeling 100% secure.

01: Get a steering wheel lock or a car club lock

In its locked-together form, the club prevents the steering wheel from moving. One of the best things about a steering wheel lock or a club is that it can’t be removed since it’s too large to be slipped around the wheel.

02: Keep a clean car

The simplest solution is sometimes the most effective. If your car doesn’t seem to hold anything worth stealing, most people are likely to pass it by. Keep loose change and clothing items like tennis shoes, coats, and blankets out of the way.

03: Installing dash or security cameras

Most thieves won’t bother if they see a sticker advertising that you have an alarm system when they try to open your door and the alarm starts going off. An excellent way to identify or pursue the perpetrator of a crime is by using a dashcam.

We at CarkeysGuru have comprehensive knowledge about everything car-related. No matter what make or model your car is, we know how to get you back in. When you have a stuck key in your ignition, we’ll get it out quickly. The best part is that the car will not be damaged in the process. We can either program or clone a transponder key for you if you need one. We have the devices to do this. The job of a top-notch automobile locksmith is to get you rolling again efficiently and without charging you a price that will break the bank.

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