What to do after a house break-in took place


A house robbery in an unfortunate event which takes a toll on you both financially and mentally. All your personal valuables, cash or even old artifacts are gone and chances are very less you will recover all the belongings. However, there are a few things you can do which will ease out your trauma a little. Here is a list of things you should do in an event your house got robbed.

Do these immediately

First things first, call the police. Move to a safe spot like your neighbor’s house and contact the police. If your life is not in danger, it is recommended to call 101 rather than 999. Take into account all your missing items so you can clearly inform that to the police. Take pictures of any broken windows or doors which can help you prove your break in later. Call an emergency locksmith for replacing and repairing broken locks, doors and windows.

Call your insurance company

After the robbery you need to make a claim to your insurance company. The insurance company will have their process which you need to follow to make your claim. The more evidence you have of a break-in, the more likely you will be compensated accurately. Some companies even have time limit on when you need to make the first call to make a claim. They usually send someone to access the damage like broken doors or windows, however if you have already repaired them for your house security, you can always show them the locksmith invoices.

Call your bank

You might not know what all has been stolen, your credits cards and other bank products, however it is in your best interest to call the bank and inform them that you have been a victim to burglary. This will help flag any suspicious activity in your account.

Contact credit reporting agencies

The burglar might have gotten access to your private card information and might open cards or loans in your name. To avoid this, ask for a security alert which will create a red flag for any lenders.

Secure your home from further break-ins

Burglars go by the logic that if they can break into a house once, they can do it again. Hence most of them revisit the crime place. Therefore, it is very important to tighten the home security to prevent further break-ins. Install better locks which would make it difficult for the intruders to break into. Get motion activated lights to get rid of dark spots around the house to make it unattractive for the burglar to target. Get a complete home security system installed including security cameras and burglar alarms to make your house a less appealing target and to make you and your family confident on home security.

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