Why should you consider access control locks for your Business


If you own a business and have used traditional locks for entry to the office considering they are heavy duty and hence more secure, you mind be using an obsolete and unnecessary way. How many times did it happen that you forgot the keys to your office or lost your key and had to make a new key? It’s time for an upgrade.

Access control locks are much easier to use and are more secure as compared to traditional locks. Here’s why you should consider installing access control locks for your business.

  1. Easy to use

This is a lot easier than to carry around multiple keys which are very easy to lose. In case a key loses you have to go through the tiresome process of changing the keys or the locks which can be more expensive as well. Instead, invest in access control which has no keys, some systems use key card to gain access however they are still easier to manage when lost as the cards can be easily deactivated. Access control locks are hassle-free, stressless and offer greater security than traditional locks.

  1. Track employees

The manual process of tracking the employees with an attendance register is too obsolete and inefficient. All of us know how the register can be manipulated to show things which are not true. If you want an efficient way of tracking all the employees attendance, their timings and who are currently in the office premises sitting from your home, access control is the solution. You can can the attendance details of all users with their in and out timing from an app or computer based software.

  1. Increased security

Access control systems allow you to set codes and key cards specific for each user thus giving access to only certain people for designated areas and restricting others. For high security areas like server room, you would not want anyone and everyone to wander around without any purpose. High security areas need to be dealt with accordingly. Access control systems allows you to easily set codes for specific areas which can be then given to a specific set of people.

  1. Reduce theft or vandalism

A traditional key can be passed on from one person to other easily, stolen or lost. You can never know who all have access to the key and how they could use that key. An ex employee can vent out his anger by getting into the premised and vandalizing things or someone outside the company can gain access to the key and break into the office on a weekend. If you want to have your peace of mind your should invest in good quality access control locks.

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